Drew Pasteur's NCAA D3 Men's Basketball Bracketology

Drew Pasteur's NCAA D3 Men's Basketball Bracketology

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About conference tiebreakers

In predicting conference tournament seeds, tiebreakers must be considered. Procedures used to break ties vary from one conference to another, and are not always made public information. For this reason, I apply the following set of tiebreakers, which I believe to be the most common set, though not universal.

(1) Head-to-head results
(2) "Best win": Record vs #1 team, then vs #2 team, etc.
(3) Random draw

If a tie between 3+ teams is broken at any step, then we start over for any remaining ties among fewer teams.

The most common alterations to the above is an extra step between (1) and (2), such as combined record against the top four teams (the NESCAC uses this), or combined record against all teams ahead of the tied teams.